Socialcast: How & Why it Works

Excellent post showing Socialcast in action! Socialcast has transformed how I work on a daily basis and is a critical yet fun way to communicate and collaborate across the entire company. Check out more at

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What is Socialcast?

Engineering Professional Development uses Socialcast to share information and to help people work together. In Socialcast, individual users are organized into work-related groups. These groups can be focused around a specific topic, workflow, or role within the department. For example, groups are used to organize members of the PA Community, the Promotional Materials Production team, and the Learning Design and Technologies team. Members of these groups post status updates, share links to resources (including share links to UW Box documents), attach files, ask questions, and collaborate.

Why do we use it?


Why not send an email?

Putting conversations in the internal group space, as opposed to email, allows other members of the group to see what’s happening. When someone posts a message, other members of the group can read it, learn from it, and provide feedback. Feedback can range from asking followup questions, to adding additional information, to simply “liking” the message. When someone likes a post, it acknowledges that…

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