A virtual boy, all grown up

I’ve spent the last 5 years in the world of Global Support Services at VMware. I’ve had the great privilege to work with some brilliant people and learn some amazingly cool stuff. Starting out on the Production Install/OS team, which later merged with System Management to what’s now know known as SysOps, I focused on supporting vCenter, ESXi, Update Manager, Converter, and vCenter Server Heartbeat (yeah, that last one took a LOT of focus!)

At that time, I was also doing Android Rom Development in my spare time, releasing roms for devices like the HTC HD2, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and the original Samsung Galaxy under the name phiremod. VMware had a product called “VMware Switch” which was an Android VM that ran on your Android phone that separated your work and your personal space on a single device. I decided I wanted anything and everything to do with that project, and ended up switching to the End User Computing team within VMware Support as that’s where the product would eventually be supported from.

As many of you know, this VMware Switch/Horizon Workspace thing eventually got swept under the rug and VMware purchased AirWatch to act in its place. As bummed as I was not getting to work on the Switch piece anymore, I did end up gaining a new found appreciation for the EUC stack, and developed a passion for that suite of software. I spent the next 2 years supporting Horizon View, Workspace Portal, and a little bit of Socialcast. Things were going great when another opportunity arose with the Premier Services division of support working more closely with BCS accounts and building a relationship-based business with a select group of accounts. This is what I’ve enjoyed doing for the past year and, am now at a place where a new opportunity has presented itself.

As much as GSS has taken good care of me over the last 5 years and I’ve experienced many great things, I’m excited to start a new role with VMware’s Professional Services Organization as a Technical Account Manager!

Over the last year I’ve focused on the support relationship with Business Critical Support customers, but in this new role with PSO I’ll get to focus on SMB and their relationship with VMware. I’m so excited and honored to be involved with this program and know that great things await!


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