Horizon Linux VM (pre-packaged) [Updated]

I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on the last several weeks. Today I posted over on my Github a new project I’m working called Horizon Linux VM. It’s a pre-packaged Ubuntu OVA that automates most of the customization and configuration needed for a Linux Desktop Template to be used in a VMware Horizon 7 environment.


Check out Horizon Linux VM on Github

In short, it’s an OVA built from Ubuntu’s mini.iso (to keep footprint down) that has the below key features (full changelog available on Github)

  • Built from Ubuntu’s mini.iso for a minimal footprint
  • Installs the MATE desktop environment
  • Downloads and installs the latest Open VM Tools packages
  • Installs Horizon Agent dependencies
  • Installs Winbind
  • Configures krb5.conf
  • Configures smb.conf
  • Joins the domain
  • Optimizes login screen for VDI

It’s currently posted as a release candidate (RC1) as I still have plans to further optimize it. If you’re interested in testing for me please check it out.


RC2 is now available with the below changes. Head over the the Github page for more details.

Version: RC2

  • Horizon Agent installer script now available
  • Domain Join via Winbind is now optional to allow domain flexibility
  • Winbind default domain flag optional (previously set to false)
  • GNOME Flashback or MATE Desktop Environment option
  • OVA RAM increased to 2GB per best practice
  • OVA CPU increased to 2 vCPU per best practice
  • SVGA properties added to VMX per best practice
  • Disable LTS Upgrade Notification
  • Some script optimizations

4 thoughts on “Horizon Linux VM (pre-packaged) [Updated]

    1. Thanks Michal! My ISP has been down since Thursday evening! Sorry for not having it accessible right now. Watch my twitter account for updates when it’s available again.


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