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Workspace Portal, Access Policies, and Kerberos authentication

You’ve decided it’s time to expand your Workspace Portal deployment from internal-only, to also allow external access. You’ve setup your Load Balancer, gotten your certificates in place, and now you’re...

Workspace Portal Administrative Consoles

Checking out Workspace Portal's primary locations for customizations and configurations.

Running the VMware Horizon View Client 3.2 in Ubuntu (and Ubuntu derivatives)

Have you ever felt like a Linux user in a Windows VDI world? You’re not alone! Let's look at the new Horizon Client for Linux!

How to customize the "Download Workspace for Windows" URL in Workspace Portal

If you’ve found yourself directing users to download the Workspace for Windows Client by telling them to login to Workspace, click their name, and choose “Download” only to find it...

Workspace Portal SSL Certificates [updated for vIDM]

Configuring CA signed SSL certs in Workspace Portal and VIDM.

How to remove your License from VMware Horizon View

Horizon licensing is easy. Or is it? Once you've entered in your key, how can you find it? Let's take a look!