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How to setup NGINX as a reverse proxy for Workspace Portal 2.1

In this post, we'll setup NGINX as a reverse proxy for Workspace Portal so users can connect from outside networks.

How I built a budget gaming PC for under $400

I had a goal this past year to build a budget gaming PC. Obviously everyone has different budget constraints, but my goal was to keep it under $400 which I...

How to patch Shellshock in Workspace Portal

VMware has released official bash patches for Horizon Workspace and Workspace Portal to address the recently discovered shellshock bug. Here's how to do it.

How to tell who deleted your Horizon View VM

It’s happened to all of us - we go to find a particular desktop in the View Inventory only to find it’s not there. You didn’t delete, so who did?...

Running Workspace Portal 2.1 in VMware Workstation 10

In this post, we’ll be covering how to import Workspace Portal 2.1 into VMware Workstation.

Installing VMware Workspace Portal 2.1

The Workspace vApp design and deployment has been dramatically simplified in this release. If you’ve dabbled with Workspace in the past, got frustrated with the vApp complexity, and ended up...