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Accessing Horizon Workspace Gateway-va URL fails with HTTP 404 Error

How to resolve this error and configure your appliance properly

Working with Horizon Workspace Virtual Users and zmprov

One nifty feature of Horizon Workspace is the ability to share files and folders with external users. This post explores this feature and how to make it useful.

Logging into Horizon Workspace fails: We were unable to authenticate you

This error can be pesky as it is a bit misleading. In this post we'll explore what it really means and how to handle it.

Horizon Workspace 1.8.1 and Heartbleed patch

Among numerous enhancements and fixes, this patch also includes an update to OpenSSL 1.0.1g which resolves the widespread vulnerability known as the Heartbleed Bug.

Horizon Workspace 1.8.1 Client Update & Heartbleed bug

Last night VMware quietly released a patched Windows and OSX Client for Horizon Workspace 1.5 and 1.8 bringing the client to version 1.8.1. This client release includes an updated OpenSSL...

Horizon 6 Announced

Horizon 6 is the latest big news from VMware and is all the buzz for EUC land. There are a number of new features and capabilities that make this a...