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VMware Product Walkthroughs

NSX.. EVO:RAIL.. Virtual SAN.. ever wish you could have a simple one-stop-shop for learning about the latest virtualization technologies?

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Upgrading vRealize Operations

Guest Post Ahead! vRealize Operations (formerly known as vCenter Operations Manager) is an indispensable tool for monitoring a VMware environment. The upgrade process between recent versions is riddled with pitfalls, however. Here, I will cover the process and make notes of all the gotchas so that you can have as smooth of an experience as possible.

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Upgrading Workspace Portal to VMware Identity Manager (vIDM)

In this post, we’ll be upgrading an HA Cluster of Workspace Portal 2.1.1 to vIDM 2.4 per the official documentation instructions. Some technical knowledge of pgAdmin and other tools is assumed in the official guide, so hopefully this post can help fill the gaps.

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