New Release Menu Nov 10

FmGZuSwnVMware is constantly pushing new and updated software which can be a time consuming task to keep track of every new release. And there are lots of products to keep track of. In converstations with customers I often hear, "Oh when did that come out?" Or, "I heard about that version but don't know anything about it."

In the spirit of being helpful, I'm starting a new category called New Release Menu which I hope to publish every 2 - 3 weeks. Below you'll find a short compilation of VMware's New Releases over the past few weeks and links to their respective Release Notes. I will have each post titled with that day's date. Enjoy!

vSphere Data Protection 6.1.1 and 6.0.3 (Nov 10th)

vCenter Site Recovery Manager Infrastructure (Oct. 29th)

vSphere Replication Infrastructure (Oct. 29th)

Fusion 8.0.2 Consumer Desktop (Oct. 29th)

Workstation Pro/Player 12.0.1 Consumer Desktop (Oct. 29th)

Integrated OpenStack 1.0.3 Virtual Team (Oct. 23rd)

vCloud Director 5.5.5 vCloud (Oct. 22nd)


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