Tools + Apps

Tools + Apps

VMware Horizon Linux OVA Template

logo A pre-packaged OVA built on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS that automates the initial image configuration needed for a Linux Desktop Template for use with VMware Horizon 7. This project is open source on Github as well as published on VMware Flings.

If you’ve found this tool helpful and wish to support the continued development, feel free to buy me a coffee!

VMware Horizon Collector for macOS

logoA shell script to automate the process of collecting Horizon View Client logs for macOS, including USB and ThinPrint logs. This tool was originally published as a VMware Fling and has now been productized into the macOS Horizon Client

Virtual Backgrounds (iOS)

logo An app featuring hand-picked virtual backgrounds to be used with your video conferencing tool (e.g., Zoom).

Sonas Journal (iOS)

logo A private journal built to capture life’s best moments.

Sonas Workout Journal (iOS)

logo A private journal built specifically for tracking the things you do to move your body.

Sonas Chef Journal (iOS)

logo The best way to track your culinary creations.

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Artbox (iOS)

logo A convenient and refreshing way to keep a digital record your children’s art projects.