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Generative AI: Apple Wallpapers

Generative AI: Apple Wallpapers

In playing around with AI Image Generation, I ended up down a rabbit hole of creating Apple-themed logos. I couldn’t help but think they would make great wallpapers across my devices. And of course, I wanted to share.

These images were generated through the use of several prompts and I was quite pleased with how they turned out. I then upscaled them and remastered them a touch to create the final products for Mac, iPad, and iPhone wallpapers. I wouldn’t consider them groundbreaking in any way, but am more than happy to share with anyone who would appreciate them.


Apple Artist

Apple Artist Wallpaper Family
Mac | iPad | iPhone

Apple Modern

Apple Modern Wallpaper Family
Mac | iPad | iPhone

Apple Flow

Apple Flow Wallpaper Family
Mac | iPad | iPhone


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