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Review of your app is taking longer than expected

Is your app review “taking longer than expected?” This can be so frustrating for a developer. Here’s what my experience was like!

Artbox 2 is now available!

The wait is finally over – Artbox 2 is live on the App Store!

Adding Haptic Feedback to your SwiftUI App

In developing Artbox 2, one thing I set out to accomplish was making the user experience more immersive and personable. One of the ways to achieve this is to add...

Virtual Backgrounds App now available for macOS

I’m very excited to announce that Virtual Backgrounds app is now available on macOS as a Mac Catalyst app! 🥳

How to remove the widget component of a Mac Catalyst app

If you’ve found yourself building a modern application in SwiftUI, there’s a good chance you started building it as an iOS app, and eventually began tinkering with WidgetKit. As you...

Saving images in a Mac Catalyst app with SwiftUI

One year ago I published an app called Virtual Backgrounds to the App Store with the idea of providing custom, hand-picked backgrounds to be used with virtual meetings. It wasn’t...