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Changes to That Virtual Boy blog + vExpert 2020

My blog has gone through a major uplift! When I first started That Virtual Boy, I hosted the blog on Google Blogger. After a few years I migrated to Wordpress because all great blogs are on Wordpress right? 🧐 After realizing Wordpress was not the place for me, I migrated back to Blogger. But since I don’t use any other Google services (nope… none) I didn’t like the idea of still having to directly rely on Google services. Plus.. I had ads on my blog to try and rack up a buck or two, but guess what? I hate ads! And so do you! So why go through the effort of ensuring my blog forces users to ensure their ad blocker is up to date? I just didn’t like it.

Focusing on content

Then I discovered Github Pages, and the ability to host blogs on github.io. One thing I noticed about any blog I had visited on Github had one thing in common: they focused entirely on the content. Most blogs had clean interfaces, no ads, and featured great content from great technologists. I decided I wanted that!

So here we are. 99% of my posts from Blogger have been migrated onto this platform. I used Jekyll to create the site, import the theme, and import my previous blog posts. It’s been a very interesting learning experience, but I’ve learned how powerful Jekyll is and how simple it is for managing the blog.

The timing is great, as I’ve been awarded vExpert 2020 for a total of five consecutive years of vExpert status. What a great program and community to be a part of and to share resources, knowledge, and life with. I’m looking forward to many more posts in 2020, and also getting to meet up with my fellow vExperts at VMworld 2020 this year (assuming… you know… that VMworld still happens…🥺). Here’s to a great year and to all the vExperts of 2020!


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