Done App

Done: Not a todo app

Meet Done

Done is a minimal menu bar app dedicated to tracking your completed tasks. Unlike traditional to-do apps, Done focuses on what you’ve already achieved, helping you keep a clear record of your accomplishments.

Whether you’re tracking tasks related to a work project, indie development, customer initiatives, or personal achievements, Done makes it simple to log your completed work efficiently.

Traditional to-do apps are all about things you still need to do, and once you do them, the task disappears and is gone from your records. Done allows you to log your completed tasks as you go so you can log your data and visualize your accomplishments.

Meet Done

Key Features:

Unobtrusive and Lightning Quick: Done lives in your menu bar, providing immediate access to log tasks with a single click.
Automatic Time Logging: The time of entry is recorded automatically, with optional time spent tracking.
Tagging System: Assign tasks to specific projects or categories using customizable tags.
Visual Insights: SwiftUI Charts provide visual representations of your task activity, showcasing distribution, time spent, and tag types over the last 7 days.
Data Export: Export your logged tasks as CSV, JSON, or Text files to share with your team or report to your manager.
Shortcuts Support: Integrate task logging into your workflows with the built-in Siri Shortcuts support.
Apple Reminders Integration: Sync your completed Apple Reminders tasks



By using Done, you agree to the following terms, in addition to the Apple Standard EULA:

  • The app is provided ‘as is’
  • The developer reserves the right to add or remove features or capabilities at any time
  • Although not a common occurence, data loss is always a real possibility. The developer takes no responsibility in lost data. Please backup critical informatiion regularly.


Privacy is a first-class citizen in Done. Unlike other productivity apps, your usage is not tracked or tied to your identity, nor is a sign-in process required in order to use the app, keeping your identity completely anonymous. Certain statistics are collected anonymously in order to help improve the app; things like device model and OS version. These stats are aggregated using the privacy-focused solution TelemetryDeck.


Supported OS: macOS 14.4 and newer
Apple App ID: 6503087781
Category: Productivity
Developer: rakTech LLC