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Download Echodots

Download Echodots

I’m excited to introduce my latest project, Echodots! It’s a daily pattern game where your memory is put to the test. Each day, a new 5-digit global sequence is displayed on the game board and you have 5 chances to repeat it back in the correct order. Track your streaks, share with friends, and go for the win!

Who is this game for?

Echodots is great for players of all ages who enjoy daily challenge games. If you can repeat the daily sequence in 5 guesses or less, you win! If you’ve ever played word games like Wordle, or pattern games like Simon, you’ll love Echodots! It’s even been built with accessibility options in order to cater to players of all abilities.*

What makes Echodots different?

When the daily sequence plays, it plays only once. To win the daily challenge, players must repeat the sequence in same order it played. Players are awarded Echos which allow the daily sequence to be replayed. But be careful! Echos are a precious commodity in Echodots. Eligible players get their Echos refilled every Sunday.

Wait.. what makes a player eligible for Echo refills?

Players who return to the game throughout the week are eligible for weekly refills. Simply by playing the game, you’re good to go! As a bonus, Echodots+ players get even more refills each week.

Echodots+ ?!? What is that?

Echodots+ allows players to go beyond the basics of the gameplay with additional weekly Echos, and game customization. From adjusting the sequence play speed, to more game board palettes, to visual overlays, Echodots+ is the best way to ensure victory is within reach every day.

Cool, but it’s probably a subscription, right?

Wrong! Echodots is free to download and Echodots+ is available as a small one-time purchase. The game also has no annoying ad banners or popups. My hope is that this creates a delightful experience for everyone.

Where can I get it?

Echodots is available exclusively on the App Store. The best experience is on iPhone, and it’s available for iPad, Mac (designed for iPad), and Apple Vision Pro (designed for iPad).

Learn more about Echodots and read the FAQ here.

*Some options may require an in-app purchase

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