Horizon Collector for Mac now on VMware Flings

I'm happy to announce that my little project to automate collecting Horizon View Client logs for Mac OS X has been published to VMware Flings!
Why Horizon Collector for Mac?

Currently, the Horizon Client for Windows has a built-in log collection feature. Even the Linux Client has a script that's provided by VMware to collect the necessary files. There is, however, no automated process provided by VMware to collect client logs for Mac OS X, leaving admins and end-users on their own to navigate through system files and manually set log collection levels and manually upload to support.
Here is what Horizon Collector does

  • Automates collection of Horizon Client Application logs, as well as PCoIP, RTAV, USB, and Printing logs

  • Easily enables full DEBUG logging if requested by Admins or VMware Support (and turns DEBUG off when you're done)

  • Puts complete log bundle in a single .zip on your desktop

  • Automates FTP upload to VMware Support (if applicable)

You can download the tool over at VMware Flings.

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