Logging into Horizon Workspace fails: We were unable to authenticate you

This error can be pesky as it is a bit misleading. The full error will read something similar to
We were unable to authenticate you. Please check your credentials and try again.

Furthermore, you may notice whenever you load the Workspace login page a notice at the top that reads
Identity provider's url scheme mismatches with that of the request. This could happen when the request is received on https and the Identity provider's is running on http.

This behavior is usually caused by our IdP trying to use port 443 but SSL authentication is disabled. To resolve this issue:

  1. Login to the connector-va web page

  2. Click on Identity Providers

  3. Verify the IdP hostname is correct and using port 443

  4. Check the box to Use SSL for end-user authentication

  5. Click Save



Give that user's login another go and you should be on your way.

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