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Spring Dream Wallpaper

Spring Dream Wallpaper

Spring is right around the corner. With Apple introducing a fresh Spring collection of iPhone Cases and Apple Watch bands, it’s the perfect time to also freshen up our iPhone and iPad wallpapers!

Inspired by the vibrant and festive color palette of Big Sur, Spring Dream adds a massive dose of brightness and joy to your homescreen. Testing the waters with this one on social media proved it was well liked, so I’m happy to share it with you today. It’s also a fun one to manipulate as it looks great flipped in every direction.

Pro tip: blurring the top

Notice the difference in application between this simulated frame, and a real device:


The real device applied a beautiful blur to the top portion of the wallpaper. I love how the clock’s numbers really pick up the blues and purples, creating a gorgeous blend of color.

You can do this too with a quick trick: When applying the wallpaper, simply pinch the image a bit before saving, and you’ll notice iOS magically renders a blur effect to the top of the image. I’ve highlighted this behavior in this video:

And of course, we have to blur the wallpaper for the homescreen 😊

Please enjoy Spring Dream, and have a wonderful Spring!

Download Spring Dream

Spring Dream
iPad / iPhone


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