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VMware Horizon 7.8 is here!

Horizon 7.8 was pushed yesterday, along with version 5.0 of the Horizon Client, App Volumes 2.16, and UEM 9.7. Here's what's new! Links to AppVol/UEM release notes below.

Update: check out the technical overview video recently posted!

Horizon 7.8

  1. Enhance HTML5 console functionality as we drive toward feature parity with Horizon Admin Console (Flex)
  2. Support for Windows Server 2019 for Horizon Infrastructure/Management components
  3. Increase CPA scale to 250k session
  4. Improved RDSH load balancing
  5. RDSH App restriction using OU
  6. TrueSSO unlock support for vIDM
  7. Windows Server 2016 support in nested/dual hop mode.
  8. UEM: Enable application blocking and privilege elevation in SyncTool scenario
  9. Support latest RHEL 7.6 and CentOS 7.6 with LinuxVDI.
  10. Support SLED 12.x when using NVIDIA GPU hardware
  11. Improved LinuxVDI feature compatibility across distributions.
  12. Qualified for VMC deployments

Horizon Clients 5.0, Blast Extreme and Remote Experience

Check out the new Icon and Dark Mode!
  1. Client UI redesign
  2. Resolve Blast uplink bandwidth usage spike caused by network continuity
  3. Support for 6 monitors for trader/financial uses cases with Blast Extreme
  4. Support multi-threaded encoding for Blast protocol on Windows
  5. Improved USB redirection peripheral support over WAN
  6. Enhance URL redirection to use IP addresses
  7. Support scanner redirection on Linux clients
  8. Support IPv6 addressing with RTAV
  9. Allow session collaboration in view only mode
  10. .net smartcard support for MacOS clients
  11. DPI synchronization per connection

Release Notes

  1. Horizon Server
  2. App Volumes
  3. UEM
  4. Clients


Take note of this security vulnerability posted today. Check out the details on the announcement page, but ultimately you'll want to bring any Horizon 7.x environment to at least version 7.5.2 (if you're on the ESB branch), or the newly released 7.8

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