VMware Labs Hidden Gem

I discovered a hidden gem this morning: docs.hol.vmware.com 

If you don't know what VMware HOL is, it stands for Hands On Labs. It's an amazing platform that delivers technical guided product training right through your browser. Oh did I mention that it's free? If you're interetested in learning how to setup and deploy vSphere, NSX, AirWatch, Workspace Portal etc.. HOL is something you'll want to bookmark.

The labs themselves aside (which are awesome!), I stumbled upon the document space of the HOL. This section of VMware's HOL allows you to read through the step-by-step labs provided from HOL in either PDF or HTML format. The best part is you can easily save these PDFs to your local system for some offline reading. Perfect for catching up on how-tos for those VMware products you're planning on learning or deploying in the near future.

For more info on VMware HOL, check out their Twitter account here: @VMwareHOL

Have you used VMware HOL? Do you read lab how-tos to put yourself to sleep? Let me know in the comments!

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