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WallGenie Samples
WallGenie Samples
*Images are real examples of wallpapers created using Wall•Genie

FAQ - Echodots


Is a subscription required?

Yes. To put it simply, every image generated with Wall•Genie costs money, so an active subscription is required to create wallpapers. Subscribers also gain the added perk of downloading community-posted wallpapers, although free users can download every 7th community-uploaded wallpaper for free.

What engine is being used for image generation?

Wall•Genie is using the ChatGPT API to generate images using the latest DALL•E 3 engine. If rate limits are reached with image generations, Wall•Genie may fallback to DALL•E 2 and return a 1024x1024 image.

What prompt is Wall•Genie using, and can it be customized?

Wall•Genie's prompt has been rigorously tested and refined to provide the best results using the variables you select during image generation. Due to the nature of Generative AI, results will not always result in the expected. For the safety of Wall•Genie users, this prompt is not publically available or editable.

What is the generated image resolution?

Wall•Genie is generating images at the highest resolution that DALL•E allows for portait images which is 1024x1792. If rate limits are reached and the model has to fallback to DALL•2, the resolution will be 1024x1024.

Does Wall•Genie allow for creating iPad and Desktop wallpapers?

At this time, the app's primary focus is creating wallpapers for mobile.

Why can't I take screenshots?

We prioritize safeguarding our community's creative work. As part of this commitment, screenshot functionality is an exclusive feature available to our subscribed members, ensuring their creations remain unique and protected.

Can you explain the pricing?

Wall•Genie aims to provide extremely competetive pricing compared to other wallpaper apps, while also covering API costs, server & storage costs, development and maintenance costs, and support. For users who might go in short bursts of creativity, the *Starter* subscription (billed weekly) may be more in line with creating and participating in the community. For users who are always on the hunt for the freshest wallpapers and interested in growing their collection, the *Pro* subscription (billed monthly) is a great option.

Can I change my subscription tier?

To change your subscription tier, go to Info > Manage Subscription

Does Wall•Genie support Family Sharing?

Family Sharing is not supported at this time.


By using Wall•Genie, you agree to the following terms, in addition to the Apple Standard EULA:

  • Images are created using Generative AI, and therefore results may vary.
  • Wall•Genie and OpenAI (per their licensing guidelines) do not claim ownership of the images created.
  • Images generated using Wall•Genie, by any user, can be used for both personal and commercial use without permission.
  • Wall•Genie and its services are provided “as-is” and reserves the right to update, enhance, or change the service at any time.
  • Abuse of Wall•Genie and its services, including API integrations, in-app screenshots, or other actions outside if the app’s intended use are strictly prohibited and may result in a permanent ban.


Privacy is a first-class citizen in Wall•Genie. Unlike other wallpaper apps, your usage is not tracked or tied to your identity, nor is a sign-in process required in order to use the app, keeping your identity completely anonymous. Certain statistics are collected anonymously in order to help improve the app; things like iPhone model, iOS version, wallpaper upvote count, wallpaper generation count, and wallpaper upload count. All of these stats are aggregated using the privacy-focused solution TelemetryDeck.


Supported Devices: iPhone
Apple App ID: 6496679681
Category: Graphics & Design
Developer: rakTech LLC
Contact: support@raktech.app