Workspace Portal Administrative Consoles

Workspace Portal has had a few facelifts over the years. Some remember the Horizon Workspace 1.x days of the multi-vm vApp where 5 different VMs were responsible for 5 different services. One difficulty resulting from this architecture was different VMs, with different URLs, that had different settings. This vApp then went down to 4 VMs with Workspace Portal 2.0, and now all necessary services are handled in a single-vm vApp with Workspace Portal 2.1, simplifying deployment and configuration.

The configuration, however, done through Workspace's administrative links can still be a bit daunting to the new administrator.

Workspace Portal has 3 primary locations used to customize and configure the appliance. These 3 locations, or "Quick Links" can be accessed from https://:8443

Set it and forget it.

The first link is the Appliance Configurator. I like to think of this link as the "Set it and forget it" link. When you configure the settings from this page, you won't need to access the page very often anymore - things like your FQDN and your database connection. Clicking on this link, you'll notice it prompts for your Admin password you initially setup upon first connecting to Workspace, which brings us to the Configurator Admin page

NOTE: you can also access this page directly by navigating to https://:8443/cfg/setup

The most important settings configured from this page are the Database, SSL Cert, and FQDN. The optional settings are for setting up a syslog server, changing admin/ssh account passwords, and generating support log bundles. If you're ever opening up a support request with VMware Support, be sure to include a log bundle collected from this location.

Connecting services to Workspace Portal.

Next we'll look at the Connector Services Admin link. Think of this as where we'll "connect" Workspace to other services in your environment, whether it's your existing Active Directory users and groups, Horizon View desktops and hosted apps, SaaS applications, and the authentication methods for said services.

NOTE: you can also access thsi page directly by navigating to https://:8443/hc/admin/about

Finally you have the Workspace Admin Portal. Think of this as where you refine the end-results of your working instance. From here, you can access a tab called Settings which has some misceallaneous settings - things from obtaining SAML Metadata for your SaaS service providers, to tweaking your Authentication Methods for your synced internal and external users.

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