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iPhone 15 Pro Natural Titanium -- different for the better

iPhone 15 Pro Natural Titanium -- different for the better

The iPhone 15 Pro Natural Titanium isn’t nearly as tan or golden as I thought it appeared to be in Apple’s original announcement and marketing material. It was by far the most interesting color as it appeared to give off different hues in different light. I couldn’t quite make out if it was tan, brown with golden accents, grey, or silver.

Thinking that it leaned more toward a gold color, I first had the iPhone 15 Pro White Titanium on pre-order saved. But the mystery of the new Natural Titanium kept beckoning. Apple has had white iPhones for years in many iterations. Never before, however, has Apple had a “Natural” option based on the metal it was forged in. I decided to change my saved pre-order to Natural Titanium and see what happened. I’m so glad I did.

Apple’s Natural Titanium Marketing Images

Here you can see Apple’s own images for marketing the new Natural Titanium. Perhaps I’m color-stupid, but I just couldn’t put my finger on how this would look irl and it almost looked like it had more golden accents to it. Sometimes it looked grey. Sometimes it looked off-white.

Real life Natural Titanium Images

These images of the Natural Titaniuim were taken with my iPhone 13. As you can see, the phone is way more neutral than Apple’s images. The phone has a way more grey tone to it, and I absolutely love it.

FineWoven Case

The FineWoven case has had its share of flack, but I’m not about to get into that. All I can say is, you can’t deny the sharpness of that blue looks gorgeous against the leather MagSafe wallet.

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