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Upgrading a Horizon View Environment

The below links assume a Horizon 5.x environment. The same general process should be followed for Horizon 6 using the appropriate documentation.

Some prerequisites that I would highly recommend before performing any actual upgrades are:

1)      Perform an end-to-end backup of your environment (kb.vmware.com/kb/1008046)
2)      Review the Network Port Requirements for View: (kb.vmware.com/kb/1027217) // Be sure to also review the network section of the install guide for any new ports that might have changed in the target version of View.

In a VMware View environment, your order of operations for a complete upgrade will likely look similar to this (with page references in the View Upgrade Guide below):

1. Connection Server / Security Server (page 34 / 39)
2. vCenter / Update Manager / Composer (page 40 / 25)
3. Hosts (page 45)
4. VMware Tools / Virtual Machine Hardware (page 46)
5. View Agents (page 47)
6. View Client (page 51)
7. Distributed Switches and Datastores (found in vSphere Networking Guide, page 28 and vSphere Storage Guide page 143, respectively)
Documentation for Reference:

VMware View Upgrade Guide (5.2/5.3 shared the same docs)

Horizon View 5.3.5 Release Notes

Keeping a vSphere environment up to date (generic order of events)

vSphere Upgrade Guide (for vCenter, VUM, and ESXi)

vSphere Networking Guide

vSphere Storage Guide

For a complete list of VMware Horizon View Documents, Best Practices, and Notes, please bookmark the Documentation Center link here:

I hope you've found this post helpful! Let me know in the comments. Good luck!

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