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All VMware Products Approaching End Of General Support In 2022

All VMware Products Approaching End Of General Support In 2022

They say all good things must come to an end. But in the world of software, it’s usually because there’s something newer and better to replace it!

A part of any IT Administrator’s job is to track the lifecycle of the products deployed in their infrastructure. This can be a daunting task for any sizable environment. Luckily VMware makes it easy to keep tabs on such important dates with the Product Lifecycle Matrix

Be sure to bookmark this useful page and reference it often. You could even go as far as to put the EOGS dates into your calendar with a reminder set of a healthy lead time to give you the proper runway for planning, testing, and implementing an upgrade.

If you’re interested in what product versions are approaching end of general support for the 2022 calendar year, I’ve generated a document (using the matrix linked above) of every product. Brace yourself, as it’s a large list! Each of these product builds will be entering into the Technical Guidance Phase of their product lifecycle sometime this year.


NOTE: This is a multi-page PDF best viewed on a desktop

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