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Virtual Backgrounds App now available for macOS

Virtual Backgrounds App now available for macOS

I’m very excited to announce that Virtual Backgrounds app is now available on macOS as a Mac Catalyst app! 🥳

Virtual Backgrounds was my first ever app built for iOS. It started out as an experiment as I was learning app development last year during quarantine. It’s certainly a simple app from an architecture standpoint, but the proof of concept was successful and the app itself has proven to be mildly successful on the App Store.

Version 3.0 of the app was rebuilt from the ground up in native SwiftUI which has really been a fun adventure. Part of the capability this opened up for the app is being able to port it from iPadOS to macOS with relatively little effort. Now, a single download of the Virtual Backgrounds app gives you access to it on you iPhone, iPad, and Mac!

Virtual Backgrounds (iOS, iPadOS, macOS)

An app featuring hand-picked virtual backgrounds to be used with your video conferencing tool (e.g., Zoom).

Download on the Mac App Store

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