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WWDC24 Bento Summaries

WWDC24 Bento Summaries

The WWDC24 Keynote was jam packed with announcements and updates to all of Apple’s major operating systems, including visionOS, macOS, iOS, watchOS, and iPadOS. The keynote even covered updates to the Audio & Home platforms, as well as introduced Apple Intelligence, the all new AI-driven platform supercharging the ecosystem’s next-gen capability.

As expected, Apple featured their iconic bento assets summarizing each category as they closed out a topic. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve captured and included each bento image below in the order of their appearance.

One amusing tidbit: notice the text for visionOS casts a shadow providing depth (spacial awareness?), as opposed to the rest of the bentos which feature the traditional flat text.

visionOS Bento Summary. Source: Apple

iOS Bento Summary. Source: Apple

Audio & Home
Audio & Home Bento Summary. Source: Apple

watchOS Bento Summary. Source: Apple

iPadOS Bento Summary. Source: Apple

macoS Bento Summary. Source: Apple

Apple Intelligence
Apple Intelligence Bento Summary. Source: Apple

If you’d like to create similar bento assets for your app or service, check out Bento Craft for iPad and Vision Pro. It’s free on the App Store 😊

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