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Introducing Done #NotATodoApp

Introducing Done #NotATodoApp

I needed an app for work that allowed me to easily track tasks I’ve completed to share up the chain. Almost like the opposite of a to-do app… a to-done app?

I wanted something with a focused use case instead of just keeping a list of notes, so I came up with Done – a minimalist menu bar app dedicated to tracking completed tasks. Unlike traditional to-do apps, Done focuses on what I’ve already achieved, helping me keep a clear record of my accomplishments. It can even sync completed tasks from Apple Reminders. Then I can export the data to a .csv and share as needed. Maybe there’s someone out there looking for something similar.

Whether you’re tracking tasks related to a work project, indie development, customer initiatives, consulting gigs, or personal achievements, Done makes it simple to log your completed work efficiently.

Key Features:

Unobtrusive and Lightning Quick: Done lives in your menu bar, providing immediate access to log tasks with a single click.
• Apple Reminders: Option to sync completed tasks from Apple Reminders.
Automatic Time Logging: The time of entry is recorded automatically, with optional time-spent tracking.
Tagging System: Assign tasks to specific projects or categories using customizable tags.
Visual Insights: SwiftUI Charts provide visual representations of your task activity, showcasing distribution, time spent, and tag types over the last 7 days.
Data Export: Export your logged tasks as CSV, JSON, or Text files to share with your team or report to your manager.
Shortcuts Support: Integrate task logging into your workflows with the built-in Siri Shortcuts support.

Click here to learn more about Done, or check it out on the Mac App Store.

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