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Error Code 500 after rebooting Horizon Workspace

You may have seen this “Cannot display web page” error after rebooting your Horizon Workspace instance and attempting to login to the Gateway, or after it’s been running for a few days. Let’s take a closer look.

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How to integrate Horizon View Desktops with Horizon Workspace [Updated]

If you’re a system administrator utilizing Horizon Workspace, chances are you also have an existing Horizon View instance. Horizon Workspace makes it easy for admins to integrate their existing View environment into Workspace, giving your users seamless integration and easy access to their entitled desktops.

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Helpful Hints

Having issues getting multiple DNS servers configured for your Horizon Workspace implementation? Curious how you might configure a proxy setting without having to modify SUSE Linux config files using vi?

Dale Carter, an EUC Consulting Architect at VMware has posted a nice little write up answering these and other questions over at the VMware blog.

Dale covers using YaST, a built-in system configuration tool unique to SUSE Linux. This tool makes it incredibly easy to configure a proxy, firewall, disk operations, etc. In case you’re wondering, YaST stands for Yet another System Tool.

I want to read that!

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