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Why VMware Premier Services?

Premier Services is the cream of the crop VMware Support experience. What makes it different?

Upgrading vRealize Operations

Guest Post Ahead! vRealize Operations (formerly known as vCenter Operations Manager) is an indispensable tool for monitoring a VMware environment. The upgrade process between recent versions is riddled with pitfalls,...

Horizon Collector for Mac now on VMware Flings

I’m happy to announce that my little project to automate collecting Horizon View Client logs for Mac OS X has been published to VMware Flings!

Upgrading Workspace Portal to VMware Identity Manager (vIDM)

In this post, we’ll be upgrading an HA Cluster of Workspace Portal 2.1.1 to vIDM 2.4 per the official documentation instructions. Some technical knowledge of pgAdmin and other tools is...

Installing the all new VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) 2.4

VMware Identity Manager (vIDM) is the exciting next evolution of Workspace Portal, a critical piece within the Horizon Suite providing application provisioning, self-service catalog, conditional access controls and Single Sign-On...

Brand New: VMware Identity Manager now available! (vIDM)

Today VMware released the next evolution of the Workspace Portal (FKA Horizon Workspace) which is now introducing itself as VMware Identity Manager, or vIDM for short.