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Horizon View Client for Mac Log Collector [Updated]

VMware has a nice KB for collecting diagnostic data for View Products, but the Mac section is a little lacking. As a result, I’ve often times had to work with Admins and their end-users to try and schedule times we were all available just to collect a simple log bundle.

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Socialcast: How & Why it Works

Excellent post showing Socialcast in action! Socialcast has transformed how I work on a daily basis and is a critical yet fun way to communicate and collaborate across the entire company. Check out more at socialcast.com

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Composer Fault: Virtual Machine with Input Specification already exists

If you’ve ever run into this error when composing linked clones with VMware Horizon View Composer, you are very much not alone. This is a common error that ultimately comes down to this: your Composer database already has an entry with that VM name in it. There are 3 ways to fix it depending on your View version and scenario. But first, let’s understand the issue.

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