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My Experiences Updating VCSA 6.5a to 6.5 U2

Today we'll be updating my lab's VCSA 6.5a (build 4944578) to version 6.5 Update 2 (build 8307201) which was released May 3 2018. Here's how it went!

The Mobile Plex Media Server - Local Streaming on the Go

The mobile Plex Server powered by Pi! The best mobile media streaming solution for those long family road trips. Who cares if your kids have the capacity-starved 16GB hand-me-down phones...

Goodbye Owncloud, Hello Seafile

After years of hosting OwnCloud as my home file server with 'Cloud Access' I've taken the plunge and migrated to a new platform which I'm really excited about: Seafile!

Plex DVR Postprocessing Script

PLEX is the media power house in my home, managing Movies, TV Shows, Home Videos, Music, Picture Backups, and now Live TV DVR. Check out my script which helps cut...

Using Ubuntu 17.10 For Work

While my Macbook Pro was in the shop getting a makeover, I decided to check out Ubuntu 17.10 and use it exclusively for work. How do you think it went?...

VMworld US 2017 Wrap Up

My first VMworld is over and it's time to compile some thoughts and resources!