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Virtualizing Applications - which solution is best for you?

Whether you've been tasked with a VDI deployment to include not only desktop virtualization, but application virtualization, or you're simply trying to dust off your Horizon deployment and add some...

Horizon Client 4.0.1 Now Available!

Check out what's new with the brand new Horizon Client 4.0.1!

Upgrading a Horizon View Environment

Check out these steps for upgrading a Horizon 5 environment to Horizon 6!

Understanding Authentication in vRealize Operations

Guest Post Ahead! Jeremy McCoy joins us today to explain Authentication methods in vRealize Operations. Check it out!

VMware Product Walkthroughs

NSX.. EVO:RAIL.. Virtual SAN.. ever wish you could have a simple one-stop-shop for learning about the latest virtualization technologies?

Authentication Chaining in vIDM 2.4.1

VMware Identity Manager 2.4.1 was dropped today with a single publicly documented new feature: Authentication Chaining. But what is it?