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Updating Appliances Offline? Sure!

Guest Post Ahead! If you are a VMware user that has discovered the joys and simplicity of Virtual Appliances, you have probably run in to applications built on top of VMware Studio’s VAMI utilities. VAMI is the background service that provides the administration page for configuring and updating VMware Studio-based appliances.

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Deploying Linux VDI Pools with Horizon 6

Horizon 6 brought us many exciting changes. One of the more memorable ones is the addition of support for certified Linux Guests. At the time of this writing, Horizon 6 supports RHEL 6.6, Ubuntu 12.04, CentOS 6.6, and Neoukylin 6/6U1.

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VMware Labs Hidden Gem

If you don’t know what VMware HOL is, it stands for Hands On Labs. It’s an amazing platform that delivers technical guided product training right through your browser. Oh did I mention that it’s free?

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