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Is Plex still relevant in 2021?

With more and more of our digital lives moving to subscriptions and streaming services, does building a local digital library still make sense? Here are my thoughts!

Home Arcade: StepMania (DDR) running on RaspberryPi

Remember Arcades? They were these massive buildings filled with mystery and wonder where games, lights, and sounds would expand as far as the eye could see. Sadly, they’re also nesting...

I just took the VMware VCP exam from home. Here's what it was like.

VMware now allows for remote testing of their Certified Professional exam. I just took the test from my home and here’s what it was like 👨‍💻

Introducing Artbox

I’m happy to share a project I’ve spent the last few months working on. A new iOS app for parents called Artbox! 📱

The Creo Integrated Development Environment

I’ve had the pleasure of learning iOS Development 📱 on the beautifully architected IDE, Creo, from Creolabs. It’s been such a fun experience, I can’t help but spread the word...

vSphere 7.0 has landed! Here's some things you need to know!

VMware announced vSphere 7 🚀 last month, and today they’re making it a reality. vSphere 7 with Kubernetes is now Generally Available! 🥳 Here are some things you need to...