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Ubuntu OVA update for Horizon 7 Now Available

  • 2 min read


I am so excited to finally be writing this post highlighting the new Ubuntu OVA Fling. After announcing version 1.2 earlier this month, I could barely wait to get the bits and documentation available to the community. I’m happy to announce version 1.2 is now publicly available!

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Migrating Blogger to Github Pages via Jekyll

  • 3 min read

Recently I made the switch from writing on Google’s Blogger platform to Github Pages using Jekyll. It’s been a welcome and refreshing change. A little more on that here… Hopefully this post helps someone on a similar journey.

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Changes to That Virtual Boy blog + vExpert 2020

  • 1 min read

My blog has gone through a major uplift! When I first started That Virtual Boy, I hosted the blog on Google Blogger. After a few years I migrated to Wordpress because all great blogs are on Wordpress right? 🧐 After realizing Wordpress was not the place for me, I migrated back to Blogger. But since I don’t use any other Google services (nope… none) I didn’t like the idea of still having to directly rely on Google services. Plus.. I had ads on my blog to try and rack up a buck or two, but guess what? I hate ads! And so do you! So why go through the effort of ensuring my blog forces users to ensure their ad blocker is up to date? I just didn’t like it.

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Announcing The New Horizon Ubuntu OVA

  • ~1 min read


Several years ago I published a VMware Fling called Ubuntu OVA for Horizon. At that time, Linux in Horizon was still fairly new and not particularly popular. With the recent Windows 7 EOL and complications of managing Windows 10, many organizations are finding themselves interested in providing Linux as a Virtual Desktop. Additionally, I’m seeing rising interest in providing Linux environments to developers as Kubernetes is taking off and IT administrators are looking for ways to manage developer access to resources.

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