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Goodbye Owncloud, Hello Seafile

After years of hosting OwnCloud as my home file server with ‘Cloud Access’ I’ve taken the plunge and migrated to a new platform which I’m really excited about: Seafile!

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Plex DVR Postprocessing Script

PLEX is the media power house in my home, managing Movies, TV Shows, Home Videos, Music, Picture Backups, and now Live TV DVR. Check out my script which helps cut commercials and transcode your recordings!

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Using Ubuntu 17.10 For Work

While my Macbook Pro was in the shop getting a makeover, I decided to check out Ubuntu 17.10 and use it exclusively for work. How do you think it went?

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Mapping VMware Updates and Tools to Build Numbers

VMware has always branded its software as GA, Update 1, Express Patch 4, etc etc. This makes it easy to discuss features and fixes among employees and customers alike. The challenge, as many of you know, is knowing the exact build numbers that correlate to these upgrades and patches.

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Horizon 7.1 Everything you need to know [Updated]

VMware released the highly anticipated Horizon 7.1 this week and there are all sorts of enhancements and new features related to the next-gen virtual desktop infrastructure. Here’s your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know.

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