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Announcing The New Horizon Ubuntu OVA

Several years ago I published a VMware Fling called Ubuntu OVA for Horizon. At that time, Linux in Horizon was still fairly new and not particularly popular. With the recent...

Upgrading AMDGPU 18.50 to 19.30 on Ubuntu 18.04

I hope you find this post helpful. My system is running Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS with an AMD Ryzen 5 2400g and a separate Radeon RX 570 GPU.

The vRealize Operations SSL Certificate Expiration Issue

Sharing some information about the notice that the VMware Product team sent regarding an issue that could potentially impact your vROPs instance causing the tool to become inoperable.

VMworld 2019 US Day 2

VMworld US 2019 Day 2 has already come and gone, and with it, more developments and exciting action.

VMworld 2019 US Day 1

VMworld US 2019 Day 1 is in the books along with a slew of exciting announcements and developments. Expanded partnerships in hybrid cloud, VMware Tanzu preview, and enhancements to Workspace...

Upgrading Seafile Server from version 6 to version 7

In this post I'll cover the process of upgrading Seafile Server from 6.3.4 to 7.0.4. You'll be surprised how simple it actually is!